Christmas Tree Cookies

This was actually supposed to be a “Christmas Tree Shortbreads” recipe but since we didn’t have the equipment to make that recipe, we used the other batch of cookie dough from the “Holiday Sugar Cookies” to make the base cookie and just followed the directions for decorating from the original “Christmas Tree Shortbreads” recipe (mostly).


  • ½ batch of cookie dough from the “Holiday Sugar Cookies
  • 1/3 cup light corn syrup
  • Green colored sugar
  • Instant white icing
  • M&M’s Minis, dragees, and yellow gum drops (feel free to use your imagination to decorate the cookies)


  1. Follow the instructions for making the dough, cutting it and baking it from the Holiday Sugar Cookie recipe (click on Holiday Sugar Cookies and you’ll be taken to the recipe). After the cookies have cooled, microwave the light corn syrup for 6-8 seconds or however long it takes for it to get thinned. Brush the cookies with light corn syrup and sprinkle with enough green sugar to cover the top of the cookies. Use the white icing (through a small cut corner in the bag or via a decorating tip) to create the garlands on the trees. Decorate the trees using a mix of the M&M’s Minis and the dragees, placing a yellow gum drop at the top of the Christmas tree to represent a star.

This was a fun cookie to decorate. You could decorate the trees so they look identical or make each one as unique as a fingerprint !

We got the dough recipe from Simple & Delicious and the decoration guideline from a Rachael Ray magazine.

We weren’t paid in any form to mention M&M’s, Simple & Delicious, or Rachael Ray.

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