Melting Snowman Cookies


  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tube (16 oz.) refrigerated sugar cookie dough, at room temperature
  • 6 marshmallows
  • 1 can (16 oz.) white frosting (we used Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla Frosting) (we’d get two cans to play it safe)
  • 12 pieces (1″ long) red licorice laces or Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel candy (we couldn’t get an inch long one to sit the way it was supposed to but a 3-inch long one got the job done)
  • 24 mini rainbow nonpareil candies (we used M&M’s Minis)
  • 3 orange gumdrops
  • M&M’s Minis (we used rock-shaped chocolate since we didn’t want the same candy being used for both earmuffs and buttons)
  • 1 tube (4.25 oz.) black decorating icing


  1. Bake cookies:
    1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Take two baking sheets out and line with parchment paper. Take a large mixing bowl out and add the flour and cookie dough to it, beating them together with a hand mixer on low speed until blended. Place the dough on a lightly floured surface, rolling it out until it’s ¼-inch thick. Using a knife, cut out 12 (3 1/4″) wavy round shapes (we didn’t get 12 out of our dough so we probably cut ours too big). Place each shape on the lined baking sheet, trying to keep them 2 inches apart. Stick each sheet in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes or until the edges of the cookies look golden. Cut each marshmallow in half crosswise, placing the cut side down onto each cookie. Put the cookies back in the oven just long enough for the marshmallows to slightly puff up and stick to the cookie, about 1 minute. Allow the cookies to cool completely.
  2. Coat cookies:
    1. Line two rimmed baking sheets with wax paper, placing a rack on top of each lined baking sheet. Place the cookies on the rack. Take a microwave-safe bowl out and add the frosting to it. Microwave the frosting on High in 20-second intervals, stirring afterwards, until the frosting looks pourable but still a little bit on the thick side. Spoon the frosting over each cookie, spreading it out to ensure a complete cover of frosting on the top. Jiggle the rack just a little bit to help any excess frosting drip off. Re-melt the excess frosting that dripped off and re-pour over the cookies if needed. Keep any frosting that’s left over off to the side. Let the cookies dry for 2 hours.
  3. Decorate cookies:
    1. After the two hours have passed, re-melt any leftover frosting. To create the earmuffs, take one licorice piece and stick each end of it into frosting that you apply to each side of the marshmallow on each cookie (Since the licorice was so hard to work with, we just stuck the ends into the marshmallows and we didn’t have to use any frosting. Our licorice did feel like it’d been on the shelf for a couple of years though so we either microwaved it for a few seconds or rolled it between our fingers before sticking it into the marshmallow). With leftover frosting, apply a little to one side of the nonpareils (or mini M&M’s in our case) and attach them to the ends of the licorice. (We found that putting the M&M’s in the front rather than the sides looked cuter.) Cut noses from the gumdrops (depending on the size, each drop was cut into 1/8 or 1/16) and attach them to the face using excess frosting (we were able to just insert them into the marshmallow without using frosting). Attach the buttons to the body with frosting as well (the rocks were just pressed in and they settled nicely). Using the icing, pipe on the arms, eyes, and mouths.

This is what the licorice looked like after an hour or so:

We were really proud of how these turned out. Instead of looking terrible, these cookies looked scrumptiously cute ! The one downside to these cookies was that after an hour, the licorice popped out. To avoid the situation, you can either not use earmuffs on the melted snowman or draw a line on the cookie connecting the two nonpareil candies together. If nothing else when it comes to decorating the snowman, you can choose to follow the suggested candies or go your own route and pick whichever candies sound delicious to you !

We got this recipe from a Woman’s World magazine.

We weren’t paid in any form to mention Pillsbury, Twizzlers, M&M’s or Woman’s World.

Take care everybody !

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