Happy Thanksgiving

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we hope you’re able to be with someone you love whether they have 2 feet or 4 feet !


2 Feline Houseguests

Boo Boo and his sibling’s parents still hang around our neighborhood, our house in particular. Over time they have come to trust us and we have grown to love them and worry when we don’t see them every day. We would bring them inside permanently if we didn’t have a full house already. Of course, we were worried about their safety outside since we’re suppose to get tropical storm conditions today and tomorrow. So, this morning we got a bedroom ready for them and then took a cat carrier out onto the porch. We put some moist food clear in the back of the carrier hoping that the food would be too tempting for them to resist and then we could shut the door behind them. It worked ! They are staying in a bedroom together, isolated from all our other cats and dog. We feel so much better knowing they are safe during the storm.

Take care everybody !

Count Midnight

We’d like to introduce you to Count Midnight !

You can tell by the picture why we named him Count Midnight !

He was a stray that started hanging around. It took us around a year for him to start trusting us. Then we noticed that he had a problem with one of his front legs. It looked like pus was coming out from puncture marks. Even though he had started to let us pet him a little bit, we had never picked him up. But with that infected leg, we knew we had to take the next step of picking him up and putting him in a carrier to see our vet. We got him to our vet who went ahead and treated his leg and gave him his shots while he was under getting neutered. We kept him inside while he recovered. During his recovery time, he got to know our other cats and what life was like on the inside of the house. At that time, we had thought that we weren’t going to adopt any more cats, we just wanted to make sure he was good to go on his own. The day came when it was okay to let him out and when we opened the door for him to leave he just sat there and looked at us like we were crazy. He had got a taste of what life was like on the inside and he was never going back outside again ! When we saw how much he wanted to stay inside we knew that the other cats had gained a new brother ! We were surprised when he took such a liking to our dog Benny.

(Sorry Benny’s decapitated-looking in this photo.)

He absolutely adores Benny ! He follows him around like a shadow. We never imagined that a cat off the streets and a dog from the shelter would become buddies. Count Midnight has been with us a little over a year now, making life a little more interesting and wonderful !

Sleepy Serendipity


Today we went to Savannah to get some extra shopping done and when we went to PetSmart, we found this bed on sale. We think Serendipity gives the bed her seal of approval. The only way we could make this better for her was if we turned off the lights ! Serendipity is kind of a cranky cat so we’re sure that all the other cats appreciate her sleeping as hard as she is right now. As you can tell, no one’s brave enough to curl up on the bed with her !

Midnight & Enchiladas

Hi everybody, hope you’ve had a good day so far. Tonight we had Creamy Spinach Enchiladas but we had to share this picture with you ! This is our cat Midnight, we think he fell asleep but there is a chance that the fumes from the shoe knocked him out !

Hope you enjoy life !