We mentioned to you in a previous post that we were going to try to wake up early so my dad could have a freshly made breakfast. Well yeah… that didn’t pan out ! Mommy is the nicest person you could hope to meet but without enough sleep, it’s like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ! Even mommy knows she’s not a morning person.

While we always try to have something for my dad to eat, we’ve been really bad about fixing ourselves something to eat for breakfast and we’re trying to change that now. Today, we took some potatoes that we didn’t want going bad and cubed them up to make breakfast potatoes with. We cooked the potatoes (didn’t measure how much potato went into the skillet) in some bacon grease along with a chopped onion and simply seasoned with salt and pepper. Came out tasting pretty good !

Recipe source: just something we whipped up together.

Hope you enjoy life !

We were deceived !

We fixed a recipe called “Shortcut Vegetable Lasagna” for dinner tonight because it sounded like it’d be good but when we made it, it turned out looking like lasagna soup:

When they asked for 1 ½ cups of water to be added to the jar of Alfredo pasta sauce, perhaps we should’ve realized that was too much liquid. We have the zucchini lasagna recipe that kind of used the same method to cook the lasagna noodles but it turns out so much better ! Apparently this company fished out the best looking piece of lasagna for the picture. It looked good enough for us to want to try it. We just wish they’d been honest about how much liquid would be in the casserole dish, especially coming from a well known food-based company that also publishes recipes. Once we did fish out a piece of it, it turned out to be just okay but we’d like to see if we could tweak it and make it better.

Hope you enjoy life !

Be Brave And Try Something New

My mom and I, who are 51 and 27, have come to realize that we are in this comfort zone of cooking. Hell, it wasn’t until this summer that we actually got brave enough to start frying anything at all ! From that we’ve gained enough confidence to want to try new things (techniques and different foods) and expand our food knowledge. We hope that you’ll follow us on our culinary journey and maybe learn a few things along the way. We’ll still keep posting recipes and telling you about our cats from time to time.

Hope you enjoy life !

Sandwiches Today, Pad Thai Pizza Tomorrow

We were going to make this pad thai pizza but we couldn’t find all the ingredients needed so we just grabbed some sandwiches from Subways*. We’re still going to make that pizza when we get the rest of the ingredients. We look forward to trying that recipe out.

*We weren’t paid in any way to promote Subways.

*Update* We were able to get the ingredients and make the pizza. Click on the following recipe title to be linked over: Pad Thai Pizza