Birthday Today

It’s my dad’s birthday. We’re going to fix this pot roast that’s been a family favorite for quite a few years. He loves nothing more than to have a big slice of the roast beef with the yummy mixture of onions, carrots, and potatoes with it, served with horseradish. Since it’s his birthday, we’re going to wait until tomorrow to post the recipe.

Take care everybody !


We Had A Snow Day !

A snow day in Southern Georgia is as rare as Donald Trump apologizing for something he said ! First came the rain which when combined with the temperatures in the low 20s, made a glaze that coated everything. Our magnolia tree had icicles from this. In fact it sealed our mailbox shut ! We had to beat on the mailbox to get it to open, the seal was pretty strong ! Then we had about 4 hours of snow which brought us about an inch of snow. We think it was about that much but we haven’t heard anything official. We realize that this was nothing for some people who get snow on a regular basis but for us it was amazing ! Our town basically shut down so there was nothing to do but stay at home and make the best of the situation. Hopefully tomorrow the conditions will be good enough for us to get some grocery shopping done !

Here are some pictures that we took to remember the day by:

Take care everybody !