A Fork In The Road

We’re at a fork in the road with what to do with our lives and this blog. We started this blog because the job opportunities are few to zero in our town and we thought, “Why not do something we enjoy and could make other people happy too?”. We needed to find a way to make money because we have a bad situation at home. My dad makes my mom and I miserable. He thrives on negativity, he’s very self-centered, he can suck the joy out of a situation faster than a dementor can, and he’s happiest when we’re doing everything for him. He never does yard work. He leaves that to my mom because he never wants to get hot and sweaty. He acts one way at home but puts on this good face, acting like Mr. Super Nice Guy with people outside the house. He likes to criticize things we do than ever possibly complimenting us when we do something right. You may ask yourself, “Why haven’t we left him already?”. We live in a small town with few to zero jobs that would allow us to support ourselves without his income. Plus our pets make it impossible to find another place to live without buying the property. We don’t think a bank would give us a house loan if all we had was minimum wage jobs. We can’t abandon our fur babies just to get away from my dad. They are family to us. We never talked about this before because we wanted to keep negativity out of the blog. We wanted this to be a place where you guys would enjoy coming to, but right before my dad went to work today, he dropped a bombshell on us ! We’ve known for a while that he hates his factory job and as he was heading out the door, he said he was going to quit in 2 years. We’re not even sure if he can last that long ! What he wants to do is live off his Army retirement  pay only. He’s tired of going to work. We know that there is no way we can stay in the same house with him if he’s home all the time. He stresses us out way to much. So our situation is this, do we try to put every bit of money that we can spare into making this blog successful or save the money up in case we have to leave sooner than expected ? If we choose to save up the money, it means we’ll be cutting back on some nicer choices for meals and most likely you won’t be seeing very many posts from us again. We don’t want to put mediocre or sucky recipes on here.As it is, we’ve really wanted to do more with the blog but our food budget hasn’t allowed us to make everything we like or to make the pictures as pretty as we want them to be. We try to do the best with what we have. So please, we would really appreciate your thoughts on our situation.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Take care everybody !

Schedule Change

My dad has a job in which he sometimes has to get up at 3:30 in the morning and another shift where he’s getting home at 5:30 in the morning. Mommy isn’t exactly a morning person so she fixes these breakfast casseroles for my dad to have when he either goes to work or comes home from work. That doesn’t seem to be enough for my dad. He wants something different almost every day so we’re going to try and become morning people ! We’re going to start getting up at around 3:00 a.m. so we can try to give him something freshly made and different for breakfast everyday. Mommy also figured that this would work out well for getting yard work done as well. We live in southern Georgia and the heat and humidity is UGLY during the summer. My dad just doesn’t do yard work so mommy does all of it. I would help but I burn up like a piece of garlic in an overly hot skillet when I go outside (even with sunblock on) so I stay inside and clean up in there. This way she can take advantage of the cooler temps during that part of the day. So when the temps really do start heating up, she’ll come inside and not have to worry about working in the heat and humidity for the rest of the day. We’re going to be really tired at first getting used to this new schedule but it’ll make life easier overall and help us create more material for the blog so it’s worth it !