Too Much Stress

Life is too stressful right now thanks to my dad and only making/eating vegan food just isn’t putting us in a happy place like cooking used to so we’re going back to fixing whatever sounds good to us. There will still be vegan recipes just maybe not as many. We still plan on posting recipes we make whether we like how they taste or not because some people may actually find those recipes more appealing than we did plus we just love sharing recipes with others. We hope you’ll stick around to see everything that we have to post !

Take care everybody !

First Ever Fried Chicken

We tried making fried chicken for the first time yesterday and they didn’t turn out quite like we expected. We think you can figure out which is the first and then the second batch:

We followed the recipe exactly for the first batch and after seeing how that turned out, we decided to go rogue and make some of our own adjustments. We learned a lot just between those 2 batches. The most important lesson was to trust our instincts more when something didn’t seem quite right to us. The second batch was edible but we didn’t think it tasted good enough to post and we don’t want to post anything we’re not excited about eating. We’re not letting this stop us from trying to make fried chicken in the future though ! In fact, we’re making fried chicken again tonight (this time with a different recipe) !

Take care everybody !

Be Brave And Try Something New

My mom and I, who are 51 and 27, have come to realize that we are in this comfort zone of cooking. Hell, it wasn’t until this summer that we actually got brave enough to start frying anything at all ! From that we’ve gained enough confidence to want to try new things (techniques and different foods) and expand our food knowledge. We hope that you’ll follow us on our culinary journey and maybe learn a few things along the way. We’ll still keep posting recipes and telling you about our cats from time to time.

Hope you enjoy life !