Pineapple pH

We weren’t sure if canned pineapple might have a different pH level because of processing so we did some research.

You’d think that pineapple would have the same pH no matter what but on a scale of 0-14 (0 is the most acid, 7′s neutral, and 14 is the most alkaline), we found out that pineapple juice has a pH of 3.5, fresh pineapple ranges from 3.5-5.2, and canned pineapple is 3.5 as well. We just never knew that information before but we’re glad we know it now !

Good to know if the level of acidity is important for your recipe.

Good Okra Tip

We told you we’d be trying new things and learning new things. With fall coming up, we’re thinking of soups and stew-like dishes involving okra. We learned that adding acidity of some sort (such as tomato products or vinegar) to okra cuts out the sliminess that okra has after it’s cut. We’ve never worked with fresh okra before so this is a good tip to know ahead of time !