Aw Sh*t, here we go again !

For the last two years, we’ve had to deal with Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. Luckily we escaped without any serious damage and us and the pets ended up being just fine. After enduring all the headaches and stress sh*ts from Irma last year, we were really hoping to not have to go through that crap again. No such luck there ! Originally we weren’t in the path of Florence but it looks like we’re going to get at least tropical storm weather from her. We live in Georgia, about an hour from Savannah. We plan on staying put so today we put the finishing touches on our hurricane supplies which included a couple bottles of rum and coke to go with it. Nobody should have to go through a hurricane sober !

Take care everybody, especially those whose lives are being affected by Florence !

We Had A Snow Day !

A snow day in Southern Georgia is as rare as Donald Trump apologizing for something he said ! First came the rain which when combined with the temperatures in the low 20s, made a glaze that coated everything. Our magnolia tree had icicles from this. In fact it sealed our mailbox shut ! We had to beat on the mailbox to get it to open, the seal was pretty strong ! Then we had about 4 hours of snow which brought us about an inch of snow. We think it was about that much but we haven’t heard anything official. We realize that this was nothing for some people who get snow on a regular basis but for us it was amazing ! Our town basically shut down so there was nothing to do but stay at home and make the best of the situation. Hopefully tomorrow the conditions will be good enough for us to get some grocery shopping done !

Here are some pictures that we took to remember the day by:

Take care everybody !

Hurricane Irma Headaches And Stress Sh*ts !

We live in coastal Georgia and we’re potentially in Irma’s path. We know that a lot can change in just a few days time just like it did last year when hurricane Matthew came through. We got some tropical storm weather then but aside from losing power for a few days and some slight damage to our fence and roof, we were extremely lucky. Us and our pets came through okay. Are we going to be that lucky this year? Staying or evacuating both have their problems. We’re leaning toward evacuating but if we do that, we would want to leave early to avoid congested evacuation traffic, gas lines, and hopefully not have problems with hotels. Those problems seem twice as bad when you’re traveling with multiple pets. In those few days Irma could potentially not be a problem for us anymore. I know being on the road is going to be very stressful for our pets. They’ll probably have to stay in the cars until we can make it back home again. That is, if we have a home to come back to ! Of course, my dad’s employer probably won’t let the employees leave until the last moment possible. Because of the stress of this,we’re making sure we’re well stocked on toilet paper, tylenol, and pepto-bismol !

We weren’t paid in any form to promote Tylenol or Pepto-Bismol.

Schedule Change

My dad has a job in which he sometimes has to get up at 3:30 in the morning and another shift where he’s getting home at 5:30 in the morning. Mommy isn’t exactly a morning person so she fixes these breakfast casseroles for my dad to have when he either goes to work or comes home from work. That doesn’t seem to be enough for my dad. He wants something different almost every day so we’re going to try and become morning people ! We’re going to start getting up at around 3:00 a.m. so we can try to give him something freshly made and different for breakfast everyday. Mommy also figured that this would work out well for getting yard work done as well. We live in southern Georgia and the heat and humidity is UGLY during the summer. My dad just doesn’t do yard work so mommy does all of it. I would help but I burn up like a piece of garlic in an overly hot skillet when I go outside (even with sunblock on) so I stay inside and clean up in there. This way she can take advantage of the cooler temps during that part of the day. So when the temps really do start heating up, she’ll come inside and not have to worry about working in the heat and humidity for the rest of the day. We’re going to be really tired at first getting used to this new schedule but it’ll make life easier overall and help us create more material for the blog so it’s worth it !