Mother’s Day Week of Recipes

Every mother’s unique so it’s impossible to be able to feature a recipe and say that without a doubt, your mom’s gonna love it ! With that in mind, we’re instead going to be featuring recipes this week that all sound good to mommy. Today we fixed Chicken And Black Bean Salad.

It’s such a nice dish for when it’s hot outside. Mommy really loves eating the leftovers the next day after she’s been working outside. She also loves it because not only is it delicious, it’s also quick and easy to make. All things that makes this the perfect dish to enjoy after you’ve spent all day running errands or whatnot. This dish is also easy to turn vegan and still be just as tasty simply by switching out the chicken with some cooked Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken Strips. We think it’s best when served cold but it’s good cold or at room temp.

We weren’t paid in any form to promote Beyond Meat.

Take care everybody !

Oh The Joys Of Having A Cat

Last night poor mommy was asleep on the couch and got woke up by a cat using her scalp like a springboard to get off the couch. It took a little while for the bleeding to stop. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when it happened so unfortunately I couldn’t tell her who did it. At that point though, every cat felt like an asshole ! This is one of those things that no one talks about when you go to adopt a cat !

The picture we took was after she had applied compression for about 15 minutes and had changed the paper towels several times. This is not what she had in mind for highlights ! lol

Take care everybody !

Determined Because We Love It

We decided to stick with the blog because any money that we could’ve saved up would not have got us very far after leaving my dad. We know that there’s no guarantee that we can make money off this blog but we’re going to give it our all to try and make it succeed. This is something that my mom loves and she’s given up a lot because of my dad. He has always had trouble with self control around food. When he was active duty in the Army, my mom gave up fixing a lot of food that she wanted to make because my dad couldn’t control himself and he had to stay in a certain weight limit. When she was growing up her family was poor and she didn’t get the chance to experience a variety of foods. This blog has been her chance to experience all the things that she always wanted to make in the past. She’s 51 now and she figures too much of her life has passed without doing what she really wants to do so she’s saying “F**k it !” and doing something that makes her happy besides being a mother. So you’ll be seeing her making things that she’s never had the chance to before. My mom isn’t going to let my dad deprive her of yet another thing that she enjoys.

Take care everybody !

Foot Update And Picture

Here’s what mommy’s foot looks like 3 weeks after surgery:

Still a lot of swelling. We measured the scar and it’s about 2 ½ inches long. Tonight was the first night she’s had it unwrapped at home. It’s been under wraps constantly before this picture. As you can see, there’s still lots of bruising, dry skin, and swelling. Haven’t been able to properly clean the foot since the surgery. Mommy can walk around a little bit more now. She’s allowed to get up and do a few things but only for a short amount at a time. This still isn’t enough activity for her though. She’s got MAJOR cabin fever, hates sitting on the couch as much as she is and just wants to get back to standing on her feet and doing lots of things. Mommy says if she has the scar left over from the surgery, she’s gonna have a tattoo done that makes it look like there’s a zipper over the incision site. She’s trying to keep a sense of humor about the the situation.

Mommy and me also wanted to thank each and every person who’s following us for sticking with us during this recovery time. We really appreciate it.

Take care everybody !

Post-Op Visit

Mommy had her fist visit to the podiatrist since the surgery today. He liked how things were looking and thinks she could start increasing her activity a little in a few days. Mommy’s happy to be moving around at all but I think she’s most excited to get back in the kitchen even if it’s only for 15 minutes at a time ! Since the worst of the recovery is behind us now, you’ll be seeing more recipes from us again soon !

Take care everybody !