Remembering Ghost

Today we had to put Ghost to sleep. We were lucky enough to have him as part of the family for the last 4 years. Before then, he was just a stray that was starting to hang around the house. We thought, “What is a pretty boy like you doing out on the streets?”. He was always kind of dirty when he showed up but we could see how beautiful he was. Over the course of the next 6 months or so, we slowly gained his trust. It was wonderful when he decided to trust us. We were doing yard work and he kept following us around, shortly thereafter we got him neutered and he became part of the inside family. At first he didn’t seem to know what to do with being inside. He didn’t know how to play with toys and was leery of being too close to the other cats. After a couple of weeks, he adjust to this new way of life and started to relax. He was almost always a sweet boy and he got along well with every cat except one. When we would come home, he’d love to greet us at the door and do stallion rears so we would pet him, he was always affectionate with us. He gave us almost 4 years of wonderful memories and for that we are grateful. We’ll never know how old he was but we hope that these last 4 years were the best years of his life. Here are some of our favorite pictures of him:

Count Midnight

We’d like to introduce you to Count Midnight !

You can tell by the picture why we named him Count Midnight !

He was a stray that started hanging around. It took us around a year for him to start trusting us. Then we noticed that he had a problem with one of his front legs. It looked like pus was coming out from puncture marks. Even though he had started to let us pet him a little bit, we had never picked him up. But with that infected leg, we knew we had to take the next step of picking him up and putting him in a carrier to see our vet. We got him to our vet who went ahead and treated his leg and gave him his shots while he was under getting neutered. We kept him inside while he recovered. During his recovery time, he got to know our other cats and what life was like on the inside of the house. At that time, we had thought that we weren’t going to adopt any more cats, we just wanted to make sure he was good to go on his own. The day came when it was okay to let him out and when we opened the door for him to leave he just sat there and looked at us like we were crazy. He had got a taste of what life was like on the inside and he was never going back outside again ! When we saw how much he wanted to stay inside we knew that the other cats had gained a new brother ! We were surprised when he took such a liking to our dog Benny.

(Sorry Benny’s decapitated-looking in this photo.)

He absolutely adores Benny ! He follows him around like a shadow. We never imagined that a cat off the streets and a dog from the shelter would become buddies. Count Midnight has been with us a little over a year now, making life a little more interesting and wonderful !

Sleepy Serendipity


Today we went to Savannah to get some extra shopping done and when we went to PetSmart, we found this bed on sale. We think Serendipity gives the bed her seal of approval. The only way we could make this better for her was if we turned off the lights ! Serendipity is kind of a cranky cat so we’re sure that all the other cats appreciate her sleeping as hard as she is right now. As you can tell, no one’s brave enough to curl up on the bed with her !

Boo Boo’s Origin Story

We had a semi-feral cat that we knew got impregnated while we were trying to tame her. We tried to catch her while she was pregnant and take her to a cat rescue group but while she allowed us to pet her, we could never pick her up. As the weeks went by we saw her getting bigger and bigger. Finally she disappeared for a few days and when she came back she was as skinny as when we first saw her. We knew she must have had her kittens but we didn’t know where. So imagine our surprise when we saw her kittens for the first time on our property ! They had to be about 5 weeks old when we first saw them. We started socializing them, trying to get them used to being around people. We knew we had enough cats inside already, that it was best that we didn’t adopt another cat. As you can see, we didn’t stick with that ! A couple of weeks later (after already discovering them), we had some nasty rain days come through our part of southern Georgia. One day we went out there and noticed the mama cat (Besa) was snuggling with two of the kittens but the third one was nowhere to be seen. Normally Boo Boo (the third kitten) had been an outgoing kitten but that day, when we finally found him, he ran from us and he was wet and shaking. We caught him and mommy stuck him inside her shirt to warm him up and calm him down. He calmed down, we got him dried off and we put out some dry towels for Besa and the kittens to snuggle on. When we saw it pouring again, mommy went out to check on them. Again we saw Boo Boo all by himself. Mommy was like “that’s it !”. The first time we found him shaking, mommy thought it was an isolated incident but after the second time, we thought Besa was isolating him on purpose. Mommy didn’t want to see him isolated from all the others, especially in the nasty weather. So she scooped him up and brought him inside and decided right then that he was the newest member of the family. We knew that we had enough cats already but Boo Boo had won a special place in our hearts and we just couldn’t say no to him. Sometimes you have to think with your heart instead of your head.

Also, in case you were wondering about his name, we named him Boo Boo for multiple reasons. We had been calling him tomatillo but when he was curled up on mommy, he started falling asleep but waking up quickly afterwards. I told him, “it’s okay baby, we all have our boo boos” and mommy said something along the lines of “Yeah, we should name him that instead !” We also named hime after the sidekick of Yogi Bear and just ‘cause we liked being able to say “Hey Boo Boo !”