R.I.P. Beloved Saucepan

A few days ago we lost our favorite saucepan. We were cooking up some basmati rice for a chicken tikka masala dish and we don’t know what happened, but we went to lift it off the stovetop, the lid wobbled some and then the saucepan just broke pretty much in half ! Rice and glass were scattered over the stovetop and there was just no saving any of it. We’d had that saucepan for a little over 28 years ! It was the perfect size for cooking rice, sauces, etc. If you have a cherished piece of kitchen equipment that you’ve had for quite a while, you know how hard it is to even think about losing it. There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever find something just as good to take its place. With all that being said, the looks on our face must’ve been hilarious to see.It felt like some kind of Carrie-crap, just breaking in half as it was being held. It truly was a WTF moment !

Take care everybody !