Too Much Stress

Life is too stressful right now thanks to my dad and only making/eating vegan food just isn’t putting us in a happy place like cooking used to so we’re going back to fixing whatever sounds good to us. There will still be vegan recipes just maybe not as many. We still plan on posting recipes we make whether we like how they taste or not because some people may actually find those recipes more appealing than we did plus we just love sharing recipes with others. We hope you’ll stick around to see everything that we have to post !

Take care everybody !

The Fun Before The Storm

Well it’s been a stressful week for us. Hurricane forecast had us wondering what to do from one day to the next. We’ve done all that we can to be prepared. We think today (Saturday) is going to be our last guaranteed day of power. So we’re spending today relaxing before we get all tensed up again. We’re spending the day drinking while watching a marathon of the wonderfully cheesy Sharknado movies. It’s good to have some laughs to relieve the stress ! Tomorrow we’ll start feeling the effects of hurricane Irma so we’re going to enjoy the hell out of today !

Take care everybody, especially Florida !