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We won’t be posting anything tomorrow so we just wanted to say, please honor those who died for their country by doing something for our current service members or by saying thank you to them and their families. Despite the effect Alberto has on some parts of the U.S., we hope that you enjoy your Memorial Day.

Take care everybody !

Foot Update And Picture

Here’s what mommy’s foot looks like 3 weeks after surgery:

Still a lot of swelling. We measured the scar and it’s about 2 ½ inches long. Tonight was the first night she’s had it unwrapped at home. It’s been under wraps constantly before this picture. As you can see, there’s still lots of bruising, dry skin, and swelling. Haven’t been able to properly clean the foot since the surgery. Mommy can walk around a little bit more now. She’s allowed to get up and do a few things but only for a short amount at a time. This still isn’t enough activity for her though. She’s got MAJOR cabin fever, hates sitting on the couch as much as she is and just wants to get back to standing on her feet and doing lots of things. Mommy says if she has the scar left over from the surgery, she’s gonna have a tattoo done that makes it look like there’s a zipper over the incision site. She’s trying to keep a sense of humor about the the situation.

Mommy and me also wanted to thank each and every person who’s following us for sticking with us during this recovery time. We really appreciate it.

Take care everybody !